Speedlink offers more privacy with the SPY GUARD webcam sticker

Electronics specialist Speedlink offers more privacy during the internet with special webcam stickers. The SPY GUARD Webcam Stickers cover the webcam so you can sit comfortably behind your PC or laptop, without feeling like you’re being watched.

“Protecting data and privacy on the internet is an important issue in today’s digital world. That’s why we developed SPY GUARD, a small but powerful product that protects laptop and webcam users, “explains Peter Heller, Product Manager at Speedlink. “Unlike the commonly used self-adhesive strips or stickers, our stickers completely cover the webcam and can be removed and reused without leaving glue residue.”
The SPY GUARD Webcam Stickers are available in a subtle black or trendy camouflage look . A package contains six stickers and has a sales advice price of € 4.99.

• Webcam Sticker
• Subtle and unobtrusive black or trendy camouflage look
• 15 mm diameter
• Can be removed without leaving adhesive residue
• Reusable
• Camera security
• Privacy security
• Recommended retail price € 4.99

Camera Stickers packaging.JPG

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